Lola & I in the pub, pre chocflakegate

Lola & I in the pub, pre chocflakegate

Dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnn! So, after 2 months of no dieting and gaining and losing 1lb every other week, this week people, I have done it. This week, after eating my own body weight in chocolate cornflake cakes every day, I have gained 5 lbs. That’s 5 whole lbs of blubber; mostly around my tummy and face it appears, in 1 week. Quite good going hey! I must admit I have had some help in the old water retention area, as after an almost 2 year hiatus, it’s that time again. You know what I’m talking about ladies. Warren and I attended a family wedding last month without bubba, so I went 11 hours without feeding her. Two days later, just 2 weeks off 2 years since the last time they’d paid a visit, the old painters & decorators turned up. They were due to come again last Monday but no visual sign as yet, my eating habits, headaches and mood swings would say differently though. How I’ve missed that familiar dull heavy head, constant hunger and crying at the mere hint of a chipped nail. Ahh womanhood, it’s just one long cruel joke.

Warren & I wedding’d up

So I basically have not been dieting, very bad behaviour. I keep trying to get back on the wagon but I seem to be firmly attached to a large slab of chocolate buried deep in the ground that keeps pulling me back off. Today I got an email, which may well change everything. The nice people at Weight Watchers are sending me stuff to review. Yep, that’s right, I’m getting free stuff. After nearly a year of blogging (not very regularly) I’m getting my 1st freebies! So watch this space people, lets see if the Weight Watchers choccy bicci’s will get me back on track.  I also remembered the other day that I joined the gym, and haven’t been for 2 months. It’s Lola’s fault. She’s still ill, 9 weeks she’s had this cough now and whenever she gets better, 2 days later she’s ill again. If these teeth aren’t perfect when they come through I’ll pull ‘em all out! Bless her cottons, she’s a good patient, I just wish I could take it all out of her. We’ve had this weird viral thing for the past week, headaches and sleeping loads.  I blame the weather, it’s very miserable and there’s a lot of pressure in the air. Man. Oh to live in the sunshine ‘ey, and moan about it being too hot all the time…

Lola on the mend

‘My wallet’s too small for my £50’s and my diamond shoes are too tight’. These are the kinds of problems we have nowadays aren’t they. It’s been raining for an entire month. It started after our summer, nice that wasn’t it by the way, that week of sun, my freckles came out and everything. Since then it’s rained non-stop and it’s all anyone is talking about on Social Networking sites. No matter the NHS is being sold from under our feet and no one’s reporting on it, it’s raining! People care so little for politics they’ve voted in Boris Johnson to represent us, represent London the year the whole world will be watching us at the Olympics, and we have Boris to speak for us. Boris. That’s how removed we as a people feel from politics that we’re voting in a joke person as mayor. I’m not 100% sure on what Boris did last time apart from close all the rape crisis centres, oh and look like a tit, but just going on his hair alone, I do not want him representing my city. I think that comedian off Britain’s Got Talent should stand next time, I mean he’d have a shot wouldn’t he, and would maybe do something for Women’s toilet facilities which lets face it, there could never be enough of

I had a clear out of my clothes the other week whilst swapping over my winter and summer wardrobes (I got a bit excited when the sun came out.) There were a few items that I’ve basically been putting in and out of storage for the past 6 yrs, so I finally bit the bullet and got rid of loads. I’m 10 stone now (well I will be when I shift that 5 lbs!), and I’d like to be 9 or 9 1/2 but I’m quite happy if I stay like this. Some of my old jeans I can’t get over my bum still. How thin was I for Gods sake? And thinking I was massive the whole time! Scary how you don’t see yourself as you are isn’t it. I decided it was time to let go though. If things aren’t fitting now then the chances are they won’t again. I think I’m also starting to realise that you really need to dress for your shape. I would love nothing more than to wear a nice pair of jeans or trousers but they just do nothing for me. I am not a model nor do I have skinny legs and a little bum, I am curvy. Big skirts look great. Tight bottoms do not. Its quite simple really, I don’t know why I never realised it before! I guess it’s all part of growing up isn’t it, realisation and acceptance.  And why is the grass always greener? People have bum and cheek implants. People pay to have bigger cheeks and all I’ve ever wanted are smaller ones! Crazy. The world is crazy. I guess that’s the manufacturers dream though isn’t it, everyone wanting the opposite, so we’ll continuously buy. Genius.

So what’s new with us…hmmmm well I’ve been going out quite a lot with my girl friends recently, which has been very nice. Moaning about men and discussing moon cups. No I’d never heard of them either but I think I’m going to give it a go

A mooncup is what???

I want to go to the cinema. I want to see The Avengers film because 1) I love those movies and 2) Have you seen Thor? If you have you’ll understand, and if you haven’t, do, and then you’ll understand.   I also want to see Being Elmo, but it’s not on general release and I think I’ve missed it at the one cinema in London it was showing at :0(  I also want to see Prometheus  when it comes out. So I’m in need of babysitters.

I’ve been watching a lot of Sesame Street with Lola while she’s been poorly, and I think the people that work on that show must be the happiest people in the world. No matter what kind of day you’re having, watch a Muppet dance and you’re happy. I should know, I get Warren to dance for me all the time at home. How do you get that job? Well apart from move to Hollywood and be good with Muppets. I’m halfway there I guess…

I read an interesting article on obesity and how it isn’t being addressed correctly

Also, B Dolan’s releasing his new album, which is awesome, so you should buy it now!

Oh, I made a music video! I knew there was something. A track I made with a producer a while back is going on his album and he wanted to make some videos for a few of the tracks to help promote it, and asked if I wanted to do one. After 10 years of trying to ‘make it’ I thought I should at least have one video to show Lola. If it’s not too embarrassing, I’ll let you know where you can view it…

Anyway, here are some words from my sponsor about getting more healthy people! And the chance to win some Spa time…Mmmmmm Spa time.  I would like to add to this list ‘not forgetting about your gym membership’…

Weight Watchers have done a report that investigates the nation’s activity habits and it has revealed that that a third of British adults admit to being lazy – and would always take the lift instead of the stairs. Key factors, which contribute to Brits leading such sedentary lifestyles, include lack of time, long working hours and being too busy. But 33 per cent of people admit they simply can’t be bothered to do anything but relax in their spare time.

Weight Watchers, conducted the research to launch the ‘Move More in May’ campaign which has been launched to encourage Brits to be more active this month. To help get the word out about Brit’s attitude to exercise and motivate people to sign up to our Manifesto, they’ve created the Move More Infographic. The infographic supports their Move More Manifesto, which encourages people to increase their activity levels, eat more healthily and benefit from the positive effects these lifestyle changes can have on their well being. To sign up to make a move, you can visit You can also enable the Move More Twibbon, and join the conversation on the #MoveMore hashtag, and also be in with a chance to win a £100 spa day treat, to reward your hard work!

Until next week…yes I really am going to blog next week, I’m a responsible reviewer now! Hope you enjoy your weekend, and the sunshine xx